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That, indeed makes me more knowledgeable than anybody else"

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  • AMD Fusion APU Era Begins by Stratis Camatsos Big Experiences, Sleek Designs, All-Day Battery Life and Notebooks That Stay Cool All Day Now Possible with Revolutionary Single Chip The new year … AMD Fusion APU Era Begins by Stratis Camatsos Big Experiences, Sleek Designs, All-Day Battery Life and Notebooks That Stay Cool All Day Now […]

  • he European Commission proposes a new, clear and uniform legislative framework, which will ensure a strong protection of the fundamental right to data protection throughout the European Union and at the same time, will strengthen the functioning of the Single Market…

  • MPs on Wednesday voted in favor of new legislation guaranteeing internet access for all and setting limits to the use of tracking text files known as cookies, and it would essentially guarantee “net neutrality” by preventing the telecommunication companies from charging customers more for using Skype and similar Internet phone services. The Netherlands is the first EU company to make a stand for net neutrality.

  • There has been significant improvement since the first report, but the EU Commission raises concerns in certain key-areas with emphasis on protecting minors
    The European Commission published its second report7 on the implementation of the “Safer Social Networking Principles”8, signed by 21 social networking companies. These Principles have been
    developed by SNS providers in consultation with the European Commission, as part of its Safer Internet Plus Programme, and a number of NGOs, to provide good practice recommendations for
    the providers of social networking and other user interactive sites, to enhance the safety of children and young people using their services.

  • A look into the European Union’s 2020 Strategy, with a focus on education and employment, and the Hungarian Presidency’s important role in the control and governance of the Strategy through the European Semester.

  • Google There have been two major developments in recent weeks that could have long term consequences for the privacy of Europeans. One seems positive; the other is concerning. On the positive side, Vice-President of the Commission Viviane Reding proposed a major overhaul of the EU’s data protection framework – already regarded by many as the toughest data protection regime […]

  • Competition is alive and well on the browser market. What, then, explains the Commission’s continued pursuit of Microsoft? Is Microsoft hindering internet browser competition by tying its Microsoft Internet Explorer to Windows? Can things really look so different in the EU from the way they look to the rest of the orld? Last week’s announcement that […]

  • New research suggests reducing the use of pesticide could have a huge impact on crop yields. On paper, the European Commission’s draft pesticides directive is admirable, in its intentions and in the careful and detailed inter-service consultations that preceded the draft. But in the light of research not available when it was put to the European […]

  • On October 7th, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee casted its vote on some of the most important issues which will determine European environmental policy (and to a certain extent industry choice as well) for decades to come. As opposed to the European Commission’s original proposals, the “carbon offset” (i.e. the ability to pollute over the […]