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Internal Market

Internal Market, attorneys at law Brussels

Internal Market indisputably is the European Union’s cornerstone. Based on the four fundamental freedoms recognized by the Treaties, namely the free movement of goods; the free movement of capital; the free provision of services {(CHAP(2016)02283-Broadcasting licences} and the freedom of establishment {CHAP(2015)03232}, internal market lays the basis for economic transactions executed between EU Member States, EFTA Member States also included, and affected by national protectionist measures.

Pappas & Associates bears solid experience in the areas of transnational public markets; procedures targeted against national measures introducing barriers to transactions; adoption of national standards and regulations  (technical specifications) at the national level; public procurement proceedings before the European Commission and the General Court (by way of recent example T-403/12);  intellectual property and legislative harmonization.

In this regard, Pappas & Associates intervenes not only at the litigation stage but equally before the administration assessing possible legal strategies at the national or European level.