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Health consumer protection

 Health and consumer protection

The area of health and consumer protection is the legislative domain that has and continues to witness the most intense legislative development on the level of the European Union. The applications of this area overlap with other domains of law to such an extent that these in fact tend to be countless.

In the area of health, one may think of the issue of alimentation, which covers a wide range of legal questions from the nutritional and health claims (by way of recent example T-296/12) to the legislation in the area of pesticides. One may equally refer to legislation concerning cosmetics or even pharmaceutical products. In the area of consumer protection, one must take account of issues related to direct sales within the internal market, but equally of the emergence of novel questions such as the extent to which access to confidential (commercial) information is permitted, when it comes to information related to emissions into the environment (for instance, C-673/13 P and Τ-545/11RENV).

Pappas & Associates disposes significant experience in the handling of complex and overlapping questions referring to the whole range of health and consumer protection.