"I say I know one thing: that I know nothing.

That, indeed makes me more knowledgeable than anybody else"

- Socrates -


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  • Pappas & Associates is a law firm located in Brussels and specialised in European Law. This law firm recently enjoyed the recognitions received from the Best European Law Firm – Belgium and the Excellence Award for Internal Market Law. We were lucky to speak with the firm’s founder Spyros A. Pappas, who reveals more the […]

  • The EU competition investigation against Google search engine practices touches upon several hottest topics of the competition debate and provides insight into recent developments in competition law enforcement on technology-enabled markets. This paper is intended to identify possible abusive practices of with the web giant regard to specialized search market in order to assess the […]

  • T-403/12: A letter of the awarding authority informing a tenderer of the decision not to award the contract to the consortium of which it was part is a challengeable decision irrespective of the reference in it to a time-limit for informing the contracting authority of its disagreement or for requesting further information from it; the […]

  • – Executive Summary – The Safe Harbour framework, that has been used for cross-border data transfers between the European Union (EU) and United States (US) for 15 years, has recently been invalidated by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) judgment dated 6 October 2015. The case, brought by Max Schrems, an Austrian […]

  • Τ-653/13: Compte tenu de la nature du dialogue entre l’évaluateur et l’évalué, qui doit s’inscrire annuellement dans le cadre de la procédure d’évaluation, il y a lieu de considérer que son absence ne pouvait être neutralisée par la circonstance que les prestations du requérant avaient été évaluées dans le cadre de la décision de non-renouvellement […]

  • When the EU takes lessons from the other side of the Atlantic By Zena Prodromou Introduction EU regulatory law is an area in transition. The adoption of EC Regulation 1107/2009, replacing andrepealing Council Directives 79/11/EEC and 91/414/EEC comes as evidence of that the EU is still in seek of a legislative regime, that will allow […]

  • At a turning point: old versus new society? Spyros A. Pappas One of the deepest philosophical foundations of the EU is the absolute value of the individual. It is on this value that democracy is based and the EU in its turn on the latter. Although of absolute character it is not unlimited. It reaches […]

  • Case T-296/12: notion of a “regulatory act”; exercise of implementing powers conferred to the Commission; a regulatory act to be challengeable must directly affect the legal situation of the applicant and, secondly, it must leave no discretion to its addressees, which are entrusted with the task of implementing it, such implementation being purely automatic and […]

  • According to the PROTOCOL No 29 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union “ON THE SYSTEM OF PUBLIC BROADCASTING IN THE MEMBER STATES”, in view of the fact that the system of public broadcasting in the Member States is directly related to the democratic, social and cultural needs of each society and […]

  • Publicité clandestine: l’absence de rémunération lors de sa diffusion n’exclue pas son caractère intentionnel La Cour appelée à répondre à une question préjudicielle posée par le Conseil d’Etat grec estime que l’existence d’une rémunération ne constitue pas un élément pouvant exclure le caractère intentionnel d’une publicité clandestine. Selon la Cour, une telle interprétation risquerait de compromettre la finalité […]

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